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Autonational Breakdown Cover


Autonational Rescue Background

You may not of heard of Autonational Rescue but maybe you should of. They won 'your money awards' for being the Best online Breakdown Cover Provider for the second year running. They have been running for 20 years since 1992. More history information can be read here at wikipedia.

Autonational rescue have a network of over 1200 recovery agent. They offer breakdown service 24 hours a day 365 days a year. They cover your vehicle so all legal drivers of that vehicle are covered for breakdowns, accidents, vandalism and theft. You may be able to find cheaper breakdown cover from companies such as start rescue but autonational are definitely worth consideration. Visit our homepage for more information of major breakdown providers.

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Save money with Autonational Rescue

Autonational rescue have aggressive pricing structure, they are offer low cost breakdown cover with a lot of discounts available for further savings.

The first and perhaps the most obvious way to save money is to buy your cover online. By doing the administration work and signing up online yourself, auto national are able to lower their costs and push the savings onto you.

They have a unique approach to help members save on their renewals. They operate a no claims bonus much like your car insurance offers you. If you don't use the service you will be able to get a discount on renewal. Your no claims bonus is 25% discount on your renewal. If you join now and you haven't had a breakdown within the last 12 months then you can receive the no claims discount on joining.

Additionally as a new member you can receive 15 month membership for the price of 12 months. Finally you can receive 50% discount on additional cars that you get covered at the same address.

What your cover entitles you

Autionational rescue offer their vehicle breakdown service at five different levels. Shown in the image below

autonational options
Roadside SuperService

Auto nationals most basic level of breakdown cover. If a breakdown occurs more than a mile away from your home Autonational will come and attempt to fix your car at the roadside. If that isn't successful they will take you and up to 5 passengers to the nearest available garage.

Recovery SuperService

With Autonational breakdowns recovery superservice if your vehicle can not be repaired at the roadside it and up to five passengers will be taken to any destination in the UK of your choice.

Home SuperService

Autonational breakdown Home Superervice entitles the policy holder to assistance at their home or with 1/4 of a mile of their home address.

Emergency Travel

If you breakdown more than 25 miles from your home address. Autonational express will pay up to £100 for alternative travel arrangements or 1 nights stay in hotel accommodation.

Caravan SuperService

Extends the level of cover to include caravan or small trailer

All levels of cover £66