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OK, so you might not think that you really need breakdown cover in the UK – we all have mobile phones these days and friends with cars who can come to our rescue if necessary, but what about when you’re outside of the UK? Would you know where to go for help if you broke down in France or Italy? Would you still have someone to call?

European breakdown cover can be a life saver in these situations – but, having decided that you do need European breakdown cover when travelling abroad, the next hurdle you face is choosing the right company to use and a suitable level of cover, that’s where we come in! Below you will find an overview of the top services currently on the market along with a review of the services offered by each company when compared to the cost of cover.



AA European Breakdown Cover

Thinking of taking your car to Europe? The European breakdown cover is a must. Breaking down abroad can be very costly, especially if you need to have your vehicle recovered to the UK. The AA are the number one provider of European breakdown cover in the UK, from as little as £24.57 for a single trip you can rest assured that you are in safe hands with the AA. The AA use only highly trained operators and ensure that all operators are provided with the most up to date satellite technologies. The AA also fix more cars at the side of the road than any other provider. A review of their European cover is given below.

The AA are currently offering 30% online discount for European Breakdown Cover

Benefits include:

  • They employ English speaking operators to facilitate you in case of a breakdown in Europe
  • Roadside breakdown assistance is available throughout Europe
  • Your car will either be fixed at the side of the road or towed to the nearest garage.
  • Up to £2000 cover per trip
  • Emergency accommodation if your repair is going to take some time to complete
  • The AA can arrange for your vehicle to be recovered to the UK if it cannot be repaired abroad
  • No call out service charge applicable
  • 24 hour service
  • No excess charges
  • Location of right hand drive parts for your car if required


  • No replacement car available on basic cover
  • Cost of parts is additional
  • UK recovery only covers the cost up to the current market value of your car
  • The cover excludes unaccompanied vehicle recovery and legal expenses





RAC European Breakdown Cover

With the advent of satellite navigation systems, driving to Europe has never been so easy and now most breakdown service providers offer European cover. Some even offer it as standard with more comprehensive packages. The RAC is one of the most widely used of the European Breakdown services and offers a very comprehensive level of cover, a review of this cover is given below.

  • Over 49 European Countries Covered
  • English speaking operators
  • The RAC have a vast network of local garages across Europe who are part of the scheme – therefore you can be assured that they will get you back on the road within a reasonable time.
  • Your car will either be fixed at the side of the road or towed to the nearest garage.
  • If required, the RAC will arrange for you and up to 7 passengers to be repatriated to the UK, even on the most basic level of cover
  • 24 hour service
  • No call out service charge applicable
  • Free replacement car available on comprehensive cover


  • No replacement car available on basic cover

Prices from:

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* Breakdown providers prices are based on quotes the price shown here are for a 30 year old Male living in Bromley, Kent driving a 2006 Ford Focus Style (1.8) doing 10,000 miles a year

Service conditions will vary from each breakdown provider, the guide above is a rough guide check with the provider for the exact terms and conditions.