Guide to breakdown cover

Getting the right cover for you.

Guide to saving money on breakdown cover

Let's be honest breakdown cover is hardly the most exciting topic. When it comes to renewal once a year it's probably just a case accepting the cost and renewing. Well you may be able to save a few pound by getting the appropriate cover for you.

Firstly this is just a guide and specific breakdown companies will have specific terms and condition so check with them for exact details.

Who is covered?

Let's start by looking at who is covered on the policy. By default most breakdown cover providers cover the person (personal cover) this means that the person covered can receive assistance for a breakdown if they are the driver or passenger in ANY car. Make sure you know what the terms and conditions are for vehicle cover limitations. Size and weight limitations and cover usually excludes bikes, vans, trucks and taxis. If you are a family then it's much cheaper to get family breakdown cover than individual memberships. Usually two adults and two children are required for a family membership. If the children are too old then they are still eligible for joint breakdown membership which will also work out cheaper than individual memberships. Finally in certain situations it can be much better to get your vehicle covered instead of personal cover. Taking the last example of four people living in one house if they only have one car and don't drive any other cars then it would work out far cheaper to get the vehicle based breakdown covered rather than personal memberships. This will however mean that you will not be covered as a passenger in other cars. Your nominated car will be covered not the person.

Level of cover

Understanding what your level of cover entitles you to is important you may not have a sufficient level of cover for your needs. Or you may be paying for cover you do not need in which case you can reduce it and save money. Breakdown cover is usually broken down into four different levels of cover.

Roadside assistance

Roadside assistance is the most basic level of cover, covers you as long as you are 1/4 of a mile away from your home (you are not covered at home). If you breakdown a mechanic will come and attempt to repair your car. Most breakdown companies quote around 8 out of 10 being fixed at the roadside. If you car can't be fixed you will be taken home or to a local garage whichever is closer. This is important, you can't chose where you want to go. If your home is closer than a garage to where you break down you will be taken home and vice versa. This means if you are 100 miles away from home and breakdown you will be taken to a local garage in that area and still be 100 miles away from home.

Recovery Service

A recovery service allows you to chose your destination (Mainland UK) if your car can not be fixed. This means with a recovery breakdown service regardless of where you breakdown you can be taken home or to a garage near your home and not just a garage near where you broke down.

Home Cover

pretty self explanatory with Home breakdown Cover you are protected at your home address. Whether you need it or not is down to your own personal circumstance. If your car won't start in the morning could you still get to work? Do you need to take your kids to school or do you have a couple of cars or friends/family who you can guarantee will help you?

Onward Travel

This is pretty much the premium part of breakdown cover. If your car can not be fixed then you have the option of a courtesy car or alternative travel arrangements such as train ticket or overnight accommodation in a hotel.

Do you have dual cover?

You might already receive breakdown cover if you have a new car then it's quite common to receive accident and breakdown cover with your car. If it doesn't you may want to get some cover arranged. Your cars insurance policy may provide breakdown cover. Other Insurance companies offer huge discounts on breakdown cover and may be worth checking on your renewal. Your own personal bank account may provide some form of breakdown. There is no benefit in paying for breakdown cover twice especially if it's from the same provider, make sure your not covered twice.

Understanding your cover

Now you understand what each level of cover entitles you to and if you should get your car or personal cover you can quickly compare prices for the cover you want at the top of this pave. For further information on getting the right berakdown cover for you read our which is the best breakdown cover article