Q: If Breakdown how long will it be until I receive assistance?

A: Each breakdown cover provider has their own average response time but they all aim to get to you within 40 minutes of calling them. Depending on demand and you location it can vary. Check with the provider for their current average.

Q: I'm in a breakdown right now can I take out cover and get assistance now?

A: Many companies will allow you to join if you are in a breakdown situation but you will be charged a service fee for joining whilst currently in a breakdown. This can be over £100 which is why it is recommended to have some form of breakdown cover all the time.

Q: Will my caravan be covered in the event of a breakdown?

A: Each individual provider has their own terms for caravan cover some will recover it providing it is within weight and size restrictions. Other providers will cover your caravan but you will have to pay more for that cover.

Q: If I'm using someone else's car and it breaks down can I use my cover to receive assistance?

A: This is dependent upon the type of cover the policy holder has taken. There are two types of cover; Personal based cover and vehicle based cover.

Personal based cover is for a particular individual (or set of individuals for joint, family) that person is covered. That person will receive help in any vehicle that fits within the breakdown cover terms and conditions

If the policy is vehicle based then the vehicle on the policy is covered for any person driving it with the owner's permission and correct motor insurance cover.

Q: I am a women driving on my own, will I receive special attention and receive help sooner?

A: Many providers run a priority service. If you are in a potentially dangerous situation or are vulnerable such as a young driver with children then you normally would be recognised as higher priority and more effort be made to reach you before others.

Other breakdown providers do not state whether they run a specific priority service. As always check with the breakdown provider before taking out the policy.