Joint Breakdown Cover

Joint breakdown cover

Joint breakdown cover is a personal based cover. It's very similar to single personal breakdown cover but you have two people named on the policy. It's usually much cheaper for the policy holders to take out one joint policy than two separate single breakdown policies. The two people on the policy must reside in the same residence.

what do I get

Joint breakdown cover allows two people at the same address to fully benefit from personal breakdown cover. The two people will be covered in any vehicle (within the breakdown cover criteria) as a driver or passenger. The two people do not have to be partners it could be any two individuals in that house.

single vs. joint

Single and joint cover are both personal based memberships covering the name on the policy. Joint cover allows two people to be covered whereas single cover only allows one person to be covered.

joint vs. vehicle

One alternative option to joint cover is vehicle based membership. Vehicle based membership can be cheaper than a joint membership. If the two people sharing the joint policy only ever occupy the one car then it may be beneficial to take a vehicle based membership.