Roadside breakdown cover

Roadside assistance

This is the most basic level of cover with many companies making it the compulsory minimum cover. What you specifically get with this level of cover varies from provider to provider. As a generalisation if you are you car (which ever you are covered for) breakdown then a patrolman will be sent out to you. The patrolman will attempt to fix your car at the side of the road, success rates quoted vary between providers but most get 8 out of 10 fixed at the side of the road.

If the vehicle cannot be fixed at the roadside then it will be towed as well as the passengers to the nearest garage or home whichever is closer. With only roadside you will not be taken home if you are a long way from home, you will be taken to the nearest garage

Is it the right level of cover

There is always the temptation to take the cheapest breakdown cover option and save a few pounds. This is the minimum level of cover and does not cover you at home, typically you need to be more than quarter of a mile from home. Also as previously mentioned you will not be towed home if you far from home you will be taken to the nearest garage from where you initially broke down.

service may vary

The specific s of what is covered varies between providers, the distance you must be away from your home in order to receive help may vary as well as weight and size restrictions on recoverable vehicles.These guides are a generalisation of the services given and may differ between different breakdown cover providers. Please read who and what is covered in the providers own website. Read the providers own supplied terms of service.