Single Breakdown Cover

Single Breakdown Cover

Single breakdown cover covers one individual person named on the policy. The person on the policy is covered against breakdown situation and will receive breakdown assistance in any vehicle. Most breakdown providers will give an option for personal breakdown cover. That person is then covered in any vehicle (if it fits into cover terms and conditions) regardless of if they were driving or a passenger.

Is single breakdown cover for you?

Usually single breakdown cover would be taken out if you are the only person in the household who drives. It is beneficial if you are in many different vehicles either as a passenger or driver. If you only have one vehicle in the house but have more than one driver then vehicle based membership may be more applicable as it will cover that vehicle. If there are more people in the household that want cover as drivers or passengers in multiple vehicles then joint or family breakdown cover may be the right choice for you.

Is my partner covered

The answer is no, your partner is not covered directly the policy only covers one person, named on the policy. However if they are in the same vehicle as you then they would be recovered with you and the car but you must be in the same car. As always check the specifics of the breakdown cover with the breakdown cover provider as policy terms and condition vary from provider to provider.