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Tis the Season for Breakdowns

25 October 2012

In 1950 the UK's Department for Transport estimates that there were about 4 million vehicles in the UK. By 2010 that figure rose to 34 million. Today over 75% of UK households have access to a car or van, and with more people buying new vehicles everyday, that figure is likely to go even higher. There was a time when a private vehicle breakdown was not a major concern for the vast majority of UK residents. That time has long passed. With so many households depending on their vehicle to get them from point a to point b, vehicle breakdown is a serious concern. Quality roadside assistance from reputable companies like AA and RAC is no longer a luxury, it is now essentially a standard requirement.

Breakdown season

A car is a machine, and like any other machine it has certain limitations. No machine can be 100% efficient, as Murphy Law reminds us eventually something will go wrong, and things often go wrong at the worst possible time.

During winter your vehicle is placed under additional strain. The cold weather means that more energy is required to do the same job. Liquids get frozen, more strain is placed on tires and moving parts and there is a decline in battery performance. More than any other time of the year vehicle breakdowns tend to occur during the winter months. There are many things that you can do to reduce the chances of a breakdown, and many websites are available that give handy common sense tips on good vehicle maintenance. You have to remember though, that even with the best care and maintenance a vehicle operating during winter can, and likely will breakdown at some point in time.

AA and RAC

The Automobile association ( AA ) and the Royal Automobile Club ( RAC ) are the two largest roadside assistance and breakdown cover providers in the UK. The AA was founded in 1905 while the RAC was founded way back in 1897. When choosing a company to handle breakdown cover and roadside assistance experience is of the utmost importance. The AA and the RAC have the most experience and the longest track record in breakdown cover and roadside assistance in the UK. In fact they are two of the earliest bodies globally to provide such services and have been doing so reliably decade after decade. Each company provides a wide variety or service and because they are competitors the customer benefits as healthy competition always