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The RAC has around 2,000 patrols, more patrols per member than any other rescue organisation

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The RAC is the oldest breakdown cover organisation established in 1897. It has over 7 million members and is considered to be one of the premium breakdown cover providers. The simplest way to save money is to not join by phoning them but join online through their website You automatically save money when you do so, their online discount is up to 42%. You can join with the most basic level of cover online for £29.99.

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The RAC primarily offers Breakdown recovery services for consumers and corporate clients. They also offer many different types of insurance. Car, motorbike and Van insurance, home insurance, life insurance and most other types of mainstream insurance and legal services. They primarily deal with motor related services, you can get Vehicle checks and examinations and travel information and route planning.

A little background

The RAC have always been considered innovators, even back in 1901 they were the first to introduce uniformed patrols. Now they boast some of the world's most advanced computer systems to aid with communications for breakdown recovery. The RAC pride themselves as being Britain's most experienced provider and have been helping members for over 115 years.

RAC Breakdown Cover

The RAC are proud about their service and give complete transparency about all there facts and figures regarding breakdowns. They offer assistance to both private members and business memberships. If you are a member then you are covered 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

They have a high rate of successfully repairing vehicles at the roadside. Thanks to their expertly trained patrols and sophisticated diagnosis equipment they manage to get 4 out of 5 cars going again.

The RAC have over 1600 dedicated expertly trained patrol men which is as they boast "more patrols available per member than any other breakdown service". They have an exceptionally high retention rate, people with the RAC tend to stay with them, you can judge a lot from a service just by that fact alone. Due to the vast amount of breakdowns they attend there will no doubt be a few people that have an experience that doesn't live up to their expectation. Everyone makes mistakes with over 2.5 million breakdowns attended in 2011 you will be able to find some negative reviews about them, but a staggering 98% of members would recommend RAC breakdown cover to close friends and family.

Like many other companies they offer breakdown membership that can either cover you as a person or a nominated vehicle.

On a single personal breakdown policy you can have five call outs a year, any additional call outs will include a small fee. You receive additional call outs if you have a joint or family membership. If your car has to have a part replaced at the roadside then there is no charge for the labour of fitting the part that's included in your membership. You can pay for your membership annually or monthly. If you buy vehicle based membership your car must be less than ten years old.

RAC always there

Cover Options

If you are unsure as to what level of cover you require you could read our guide to breakdown cover. But we will briefly go over what the RAC offer below.

Roadside assistance

Roadside assistance is their entry level of breakdown cover and you can get it from £29.99 for a year. They will send one of their patrols to you as long as you are more than quarter of a mile from home. If your car can not be repaired they will tow you up to 10 miles to a local approved garage or home.

Nationwide Recovery

Nationwide Recovery means that if your car can not be repaired you will get a tow to anywhere in main land UK instead of a tow up to ten miles without it. With Nationwide Recovery you can have up to seven passengers included in the recovery.

At Home

As its name suggest you can have a patrol come to your aid at your home address or within a quarter of a mile of your home address.

Onward Travel

You must have national recovery to include Onward travel. In the case that your car can not be repaired you may get a replacement car for up to three days whilst your car is being repaired or public transport costs of up to £150 per person.

If you would like more information on the RAC the best thing to do is visit their website