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The AA was ranked the best breakdown provider Which? magazine's annual survey

The AA, The Largest breakdown service

Let's start by saying that perhaps simplest way to save money with the AA is to buy it online. Buying it online entitles you to up to 48% off. Not a bad saving at all. If you have any unanswered questions about the cover then you can ring them ask the questions see if you can receive the online discount whilst you are on the phone. If not end the call and buy it online. Hopefully though this guide and their own website should be comprehensive enough that you don't have any questions.

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You will probably are quite familiar with the AA it is one of the largest UK brands and is hard to avoid with their huge Yellow vans and massive advertising campaign. If you're not familiar with the AA we will give you some background information first and details as to what you get with their breakdown service after.

A little AA History

The AA is the largest breakdown cover provider and was formed over 100 years ago in 1905 originally formed to help its members avoid police speed traps. It has steadily developed into the modern organisation it is today. Not only do they provide an excellent breakdown recovery service they have grown their trusted brand to accommodate all types of insurance; Car, Home, Travel, Life, etc. They are much more than a breakdown service their website is full of useful information and tools related to Cars. You can buy driving lessons or before buying a car you can use the AA's vehicle check. The vehicle check costs £20.50 for a single car but will let you know if it has any problems that can come back to haunt you. They also provide a route planner which was exceedingly popular in the post Google maps age. They consider themselves to be much more than a breakdown service.

AA Breakdown cover what you get

The AA and The RAC are considered to be the two premium breakdown cover companies they certainly are the largest and have been around for the longest amount of time. Both are seen as innovators and pave the way for other smaller breakdown companies to follow. The AA was the first company to use sophisticated GPS technology to locate you and specific computers for cars to quickly diagnose what the problem could be. The AA also has an app you can download which will pin point your location for them if you do breakdown, it also gives you live traffic updates.

During 2011 the AA attended some 3.4 million breakdowns, that's 10% of all the drivers in the UK. The most common reason for a breakdown was due to battery related breakdowns, followed by flat tyres. So always check your batteries and tyres, prevention is better than cure.

The AA have driven down their prices and have become more competitive even for a service considered to be at a premium level. They also have the largest number of breakdown patrols with double the amount of their nearest rival. They were also voted by which? magazine as the best breakdown provider. They also provide a priority service, if you are in a vulnerable situation then you will be made a priority for assistance.

Once you take out cover you are protected 24 hours a day 365 days a year, even Christmas. The AA's highly trained patrol men fix more breakdowns at the roadside than any other service, if you do breakdown you won't be charged for labour at the roadside and they usually have you started again in less than 30 minutes. They have an average response time of 40mins. They have the largest number of mechanics (over 4000) in their nationwide cover.

The AA Breakdown always there

Types of cover

For a full guide to breakdown cover read our breakdown cover guide. The AA by default cover the person which means you will be covered in any vehicle (must fit terms and conditions) as a driver or passenger. You can opt for vehicle based cover if you prefer a nominated vehicle to be covered.

Roadside assistance is the basic level of cover, in the event of a breakdown a mechanic will be sent to your location and repair your vehicle. If for whatever reason your vehicle can not be repaired you will be towed a short distance to a local garage or home if it's not too far. If you need to be taken a further distance then you will need to have their recovery level. Home start entities you to cover at your registered home address. Onward travel may give you accommodation expenses or a courtesy car if yours cannot be repaired. You are not covered outside the UK if you want cover in Europe you will need to purchase additional European cover.


*Breakdown providers prices are based on quotes the price shown here are for a 30 year old Male living in Bromley, Kent driving a 2006 Ford Focus Style (1.8) doing 10,000 miles a year

Service conditions will vary from each breakdown provider, the guide above is a rough guide check with the provider for the exact terms and conditions.